Line laser alignment


A Perfectly aligned laser

A perfectly aligned line laser shall project a homogeneous line (fig.1). The laser manufacturers are facing various challenges such as straightness of the line (fig. 2), a homogeneous distribution of intensity (fig. 3) as well as the orientation of the line in regards to the housing (fig. 4).

In order to achieve the goal of a homogeneous line, an anamorphic refractive optic (Powell or cylindrical lens) needs to be aligned precisely to a collimated beam of a laser module (diode and collimator) – see figure 5.

Fig. 6

Fig. 5

Thanks to the fact that our components can be combined freely, it is possible to build individual multi-axis systems. Therefore, OWIS developed a motorized 5-axes assembly along with Z-LASER GmbH (fig. 6).

In order to achieve the correct installation position, the laser module can be adjusted in the direction of the beam by the elevator stage HVM 60 beneath.

Furthermore, it can rotate around the Z-axis by means of our rotary measuring stage DMT 65. The optic is positioned by the precision linear stage LTM 60 towards the X-axis in order to align it with the laser module. Both high-precision goniometers MOGO 65-40-65 rotate the optic around the X- and Z-axes. The alignment might be automated completely with the help of a camera.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Products used in this application


  • travel range 12 mm
  • industrial application, high repeatability
  • step or DC motor with encoder, cross roller guides, limit switches

DMT 65

  • for use with SYS 65
  • rotary table with retainer, aperture or threaded hole
  • step or DC motor with encoder, angular contact ball bearings, worm gear, limit switches

LTM 60 (P/F/M)

  • travel range 20 - 145 mm
  • industrial application
  • step or DC motor with encoder, recirculating ball bearing guides, fine-thread spindle, limit switches

MOGO 65-40-65

  • for use with SYS 65 and SYS 90
  • industrial application
  • adjustment range ± 20°, height of rotating axis 65 mm

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