XY Stages KT 90

The KT 90 XY stages have a high-precision double-dovetail guide.

They are XY adjusting devices for large beam diameters - its aperture is retained even in extreme positions - and are available with wobble plates with various holding diameters.

Fixing the position with three screws with disc springs provides fine tilting motion with great long-term stability and vibration-proof construction.

Using the mounting plate, the height of the optical axis is 65 mm (including rail S 90 LL and slide RT 90 the height of the optical axis is 105 mm).

  • for use with SYS 90
  • deformation-resistant aluminium
  • reflection-poor, black anodized
  • with clamping
  • with fine-thread spindles
  • high load capacity
  • ways of installing:
    – on slide
    – on pin

- wobble plate with another Diameter
- non-magnetic or vacuum-prepared versions available


Art. Nbr. Type Title Delivery 3D-PDF IGES-File STEP-File
19.392.1330 KT 90-D56-EP

XY stages KT 90, with fine-thread spindles and end plates

1-4 days
19.021.0060 RT 90-60-R

slide RT 90, 60 mm, with knurled screw

1-4 days
STF 15

pin 15 - s. product information STF 15

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