Translation Stages VT 45N

The translation stages VT 45N are designed for general applications. Not restricted to a particular system kit they can be used for adjustment in classical, optical setups with columns and pins as well as in fiber-optic applications. Moreover, they are exceptionally suited for positioning CCD-cameras and other opto-electronic sensors.

Due to integrated clamping the products are protected from accidential setting-shifts since the clamp has to be untightened by tools. Thus, the products offer safety while they are easy to handle. Additionally, the VT 45N can be mounted optionally as XY-, XZ- and XYZ- combinations either above the slide or the bottom plate without assembly angles.

Fine-thread spindles with scale buttons offer subtle adjustments. The dovetail guides maintain their accuracy thoughout a long time-period.

  • XYZ-assembly without additional Z-angle possible
  • low-distortion aluminum
  • low-reflection, black anodization
  • clamp included
  • fine-thread spindle included
  • cost-efficient application
  • assembly options:
    - on optical table with adapter plate ADP 65-A
    - on goniometers GO 40 and GO 65S

non-magnetic or vacuum-prepared versions available


Art. Nbr. Type Title Delivery 3D-PDF IGES-File STEP-File
31.A41.2531 VT 45N-25-X-SK

Translation stage, X version with 25 mm travel

1-4 days
31.A41.2532 VT 45N-25-XY-SK

Translation stage, XY version with 25 mm travel.

1-4 days
31.A41.2533 VT 45N-25-XYZ-SK

Translation stage, XYZ version with 25 mm travel

1-4 days
41.045.0001 MONT-LT(M) 45-Z

Z assembly bracket for linear stages of the VT 45N, LT 45, LTM 45N, LTM 45M as well as LIMES 44 series

1-4 days
24.900.6510 ADP 65-A

adapter plate 65-A (65 x 60 x 10 mm), for vertical mounting of measuring and translation stages as well as TRANS 65G and TRANS 90G on optical tables with M6 bore grids. Also for mounting small moveable stages in a vertical position and for mounting XY and XYZ combinations.

1-4 days
31.A41.0004 MONT-VT45N-XY

XY Assembly Kit for Translation Stages VT 45N, without assembly

31.A41.0005 MONT-VT45N-YZ

YZ Assembly Kit for Translation Stages VT 45N, without assembly

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