Pinholes LB/Drilled Apertures TB

The pinholes LB have a ø 5 mm platinum-iridium plate in a ø 25 mm mount. The apeture from 5 µm up to 80 µm is centered. Other apertures are available on request.

If there are applications where a bigger aperture is needed OWIS® offers the drilled apertures. The outer diameter is ø 25 mm, too.

Drilled apertures as well as pinholes can be set in all holders and adjustments for ø 25 mm mounted optics.

All aluminium parts have a top quality black anodized protective coating.

Drilled apertures up to 5000 µm aperture on request.

  • centered
  • mountable in OH 40-D25
  • pinholes with aperture from 5 µm up to 80 µm
  • drilled apertures with aperture from 500 µm up to 4000 µm
Art. Nbr. Type Title Delivery 3D-PDF IGES-File STEP-File
62.610.0005 LB 5-D5-G25

pinhole with ø 25 mm and 5 µm aperture

62.610.0030 LB 30-D5-G25

pinholes with ø 25 mm and 30 μm aperture

1-4 days
62.610.0080 LB 80-D5-G25

pinhole with ø 25 mm and 80 µm aperture

62.620.0500 TB-B05-G25

drilled apertures with ø 25 mm and 500 μm aperture

5-10 days
62.620.0700 TB-B07-G25

drilled apertures with ø 25 mm and 700 μm aperture

5-10 days
62.620.0800 TB-B08-G25

drilled apertures with ø 25 mm and 800 μm aperture

5-10 days
62.620.1000 TB-B10-G25

drilled apertures with ø 25 mm and 1000 μm aperture

1-4 days
62.620.2000 TB-B20-G25

drilled apertures with ø 25 mm and 2000 μm aperture

5-10 days
62.620.4000 TB-B40-G25

drilled apertures with ø 25 mm and 4000 μm aperture

5-10 days

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