Flip Mirror Holders KSH 90

The KSH 90 flip mirror holders swing optics with ø 50 mm / 50.8 mm (2") - for example mirrors - in a 45° angle into the light beam. In order to fine adjust the optics, they are set ±0.5° in theta, phi and Z. To fasten them in the KSH 90, they are pressed against three stops by using two clamping plates. In this way, the components in the OWIS flip mirror holders are safely mounted in all orientations.

With the RT 90-80 slides and the adapter plate ADP-RT90-KSH(M)90 (on request), the KSH 90 can be mounted on S 90 LL system rails directly into a SYS 90 system. To mount them on STF 15 pins, there is a central M6 thread in the bottom plate.

All KSH 90 are also available in a motorized version - the KSHM 90.

  • for use with SYS 90
  • deformation-resistant aluminium
  • reflection-poor, black anodized
  • for all orientations
  • for optics with ø 50 mm / 50.8 mm (2") and a thickness of 10 mm
  • ways of installing
    – on slide with adapter plate ADP-RT90-KSH(M)90
    – on pin

- optics
- vacuum-prepared versions available

Art. Nbr. Type Title Delivery 3D-PDF IGES-File STEP-File
26.090.5103 KSH 90-D51-RE-T

flip mirror holders for optics with ø 50 mm / 50.8 mm (2"), deflection to the right

5-10 days
26.095.5103 KSH 90-D51-LI-T

flip mirror holders for optics with ø 50 mm / 50.8 mm (2"), deflection to the left

5-10 days
19.021.0080 RT 90-80-R

slide SYS 90, 80 mm, with knurled screws

1-4 days
19.022.0080 RT 90-80-M6

slide SYS 90, 80 mm, with hexagon socket head cap screws ISO 4762

1-4 days
STF 15

pin 15 - s. product information STF 15

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