OWISet Hands-on training setups

The OWISets PRAK for hands-on training setups are particularly suitable for use in institutions, universities and colleges. They provide all needed OWIS components for the hands-on experiments.

All sets are based on the beam handling system SYS 65. They can also be extended and combined with other OWIS components. If special setups are wanted /desired, the OWISets can also be individually configured or adapted.

  • for use with SYS 65
  • deformation-resistant aluminium
  • refection-poor, black anodized
  • robust
Art. Nbr. Type Title Delivery 3D-PDF IGES-File STEP-File
16.800.0002 PRAK-BUFL

OWISet "Determination of different focus lengths"

1-4 days
16.800.0003 PRAK-BAG-EW-SYS65

OWISet "diffraction at a grid", extension of 16.800.0002

1-4 days
16.800.0004 PRAK-MZI-SYS65

OWISet "Mach-Zehnder interferometer"

1-4 days

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