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    With OWIS Engineering, enormous potentials can be uncovered. Through combination, simplification and optimization, you benefit from an improved price-performance ratio and minimum installation space with maximum quality.

Become leaner, faster, better with OWIS Engineering.

OWIS Components have always impressed with their precision and reliability. The combinability makes our beam handling systems, optomechanical components and positioners the perfect construction kit for individual setups in research and industry. 

With OWIS Engineering, we contribute our engineering expertise and experience. After all, no one knows our products as well as we do. With proximity to the market and application, we are the perfect development partner for your individual solution – this also applies to specific requirements in vacuum.

Thanks to a high level of vertical integration, we produce and assemble application-specific components quickly and flexibly. Continuous controls ensure the highest quality. With high-precision measurement of the jointly developed products, we ensure the required performance data.

Contact us for customizing and OEM solutions, if you want to set up alignment and handling systems quickly and flexibly, or if you want to develop your laboratory setup into a production-ready series product, the OWIS Optics Box.

With OWIS Engineering we support with:


Every engineering project means the highest level of commitment to us. We are only satisfied when our systems work perfectly and meet the highest standards. On systems powered by OWIS Engineering you can rely on.

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System advantages

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    one single contact person
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    fewer individual parts
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    less part numbers
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    lower inspection effort
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    fewer storage locations
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    no assembly effort
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    complete system including test reports

Customizing and OEM solutions

Is your application not representable with the OWIS Modular System? Do you have special requirements concerning the size or the aperture?

Let's talk about your requirements


We set up your individual solutions very quickly. In combination with OWIS Positioners, alignment and handling systems are created – optimally adapted to your application!

Let's talk about your application

OWIS Optics Box

With OWIS Rapid Engineering quickly to a laboratory setup: have you developed a concept for a beam path and are you looking for a partner to support you in the selection and design?

Let's implement your laboratory setup


Which design are you planning?

Positioning systems for optical measuring instruments

System with x-y positioning. Application-specific extension by z-axis with sensor, lifting table, goniometer or rotary table possible.

Positioning systems for test stations

System with z-positioning with large working range. Application-specific extensions with x-y positioning or rotary stage possible.

Positioning systems for analyzers

System with x-y positioning. Application-specific extension by z-axis with lifting or rotary table possible.

gantry solutions for laboratory applications

System with x-y positioning. Application-specific extensions around z-axis possible.

gantry solutions for industrial applications

System with x-y positioning. Application-specific extensions around z-axis possible.

multi-axis systems for mechanical and plant engineering

System with x-y-z positioning. Application-specific extension with rotary stage and goniometer possible.

Sample applications

Measurement of samples

In our example from metrology and analytics, hundreds of samples shall be analysed as fast as possible. In this application, not the lateral traverse speed but the process time is the main cost factor. Due to the sum of the vertical tolerances of all components, an individual refocusing of the camera is required.

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Line laser alignment

A perfectly aligned line laser shall project a homogeneous line. The laser manufacturers are facing various challenges such as straightness of the line, a homogeneous distribution of intensity as well as the orientation of the line in regards to the housing. Therefore, OWIS developed a motorized 5-axes assembly along with Z-LASER GmbH.

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The FXE Instrument

Femtosecond spectroscopy with X-rays is one of the tasks of the European XFEL, the 3.4 km long X-ray laser located in the Hamburg area. The FXE Group carries out time-resolved studies on the dynamics of solid objects, fluids and gases. For this purpose, an X-ray emissions spectrometer was installed, which combines 16 single diffraction crystals.

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