Positioning systems for test stations

Precise over large working areas

The measurement of lenses, laser optics and other optical systems requires precise positioning over a large working range.

With the motorized high-precision linear stages of the LIMES series, we realize travels of up to 1,500 mm with minimal lateral and vertical runout. The repeatability is less than 2 µm. This makes high-precision measurement along the optical axis the standard!


Planar gantry with z-axis

If large working areas of up to 1,500 mm x 1,500 mm are required for the inspection of laser projections or lenses for imaging processes, we set up a planar gantry based on the LIMES 170 linear stage. This allows large 2-dimensional planes to be scanned with repeatabilities of less than 500 nm.

Alignment system for lasers and sensors

For the exact alignment of laser beams for measuring and testing procedures, the compensation of angular errors (boresight) is often necessary in addition to x-y positioning. The combination of two linear stages of the LIMES series with a goniometer and a rotary stage enables simple and fast alignment of the laser modules.

Test station with x-y alignment

When aligning measuring systems for lenses and optical components, the linear stages of the LIMES series show their strength and enable highly accurate measurements along the optical axis - even at greater distances. In combination with an XY stage, the exact x-y alignment of the test object is ensured.

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The vertical alignment of the system allows space-saving superstructures. As an option and to protect your system, vertical structures can be secured with a motor holding brake. With our measuring equipment, we can measure and document all relevant properties of the entire system on request.

Application-specific combination options

Depending on the application, additional axes for positioning sensors and test objects, for example in the x-y direction or also goniometers, can be combined with the LIMES axes.

If your application cannot be fully mapped out with the OWIS components, we achieve this through application-specific adaptations and OEM solutions.

Typical applications:

  • interferometer
  • measurement of lenses
  • alignment of laser systems


Positioning systems, gantry solutions or multi-axis systems: Typical applications which we realize for you with OWIS Engineering. From application-specific design to on-time delivery. Which setup are you planning?

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