OWIS supports progress and productivity in high-tech industries

Positioning systems, optical beam handling systems and optomechanical components are indispensable in photonics and thus in many high-tech industries. They enable the precise alignment of laser beams or the positioning of workpieces and tools.

The renowned quality of our products and systems guarantees reliability during application, high stability as well as excellent repeatability – even under vacuum and cleanroom conditions.

Application areas powered by OWIS

Easy to use, robust, durable and tailored to individual requirements: OWIS products and systems are used for numerous applications and appreciated by industry and research.

Image processing and metrology

Realize precise and reliable measurements in quality control, process automation or technology development.

Applications in metrology

Analytics and biotechnology

Ensure accurate characterization in research and development of substances for industrial and pharmaceutical-medical use.

Applications for analytics and biotechnology

Semiconductor technology

Implement high-resolution lithography or surface inspection in manufacturing or quality assurance in semiconductor technology.

Aplications in semiconductor technology

Laser processing

Implement flexibility, reproducibility and productivity in micro-drilling or three-dimensional micromachining with lasers. 

Applications for laser processing

Micropositioning and machining

Achieve short assembly times with the smallest tolerances in micro and precision assembly of optical or sensor systems.

Applications in micromachining

Science and research

Quickly and easily implement experimental setups and solve research tasks with application-specific positioning systems.

Applications in science and research

Products and engineering services you can rely on

Together we make groundbreaking ideas come true. Benefit from the precision, functionality and reliability of our components and optimize your productivity with our experience and engineering services.



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