Unique in extremely high vacuum (XHV)

In the extremely high vacuum range, we have established an outstanding position in recent years and have the corresponding know-how and infrastructure to realize products for applications in the XHV ranges down to 10-11 mbar.

  • Aluminium nickel plated, XHV suitable plastics, ceramics and greases
  • All blind holes opened
  • XHV suitable plug, mounted directly onto the motorized stage
  • XHV suitable cables made of Kapton with open strands to the feedthrough side available
  • With limit or reference switches available upon request
  • Motors with solid lubrication
  • Cleaned, assembled and measured in the clean room
  • Safely packed and double shrink-wrapped in foil

Our requirements for a mass spectrum XHV

The XHV products are baked out in the vacuum chamber at approximately 80 °C and measured after a heating cycle of maximum 12 hours. A mass spectrum from 0 to 100 u is recorded at a pressure lower than 10-7 mbar. The peak values in the range from 45 to 100 u are more than three decades below the highest mass peak in the range from 0 to 44 u.

Application in other vacuum ranges:

High vacuum (HV)

We offer the wide OWIS product portfolio of optical beam handling and positioning systems for applications in the high vacuum down to 10-6 mbar.

Let's talk about your HV application

Ultra high vacuum (UHV)

Designed for applications in ultra high vacuum down to 10-9 mbar we have a wide product portfolio for beam handling and positioning systems. 

Let's talk about your UHV application



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