• Cleanroom compatible products

    For cleanroom applications, we design our manual and motorized positioners as well as beam handling systems and optomechanical components to meet application-specific requirements.

Positioners and optomechanical components adapted for use in cleanrooms

With our know-how and experience from the vacuum sector, we are able to make all our standard components fit for cleanroom applications. This begins with assembly, which takes place in our cleanroom. Cleanroom compatible products are lubricated with appropriate greases. We adapt our products to industry-specific applications by means of various surface finishes.

Let's talk about your application in your cleanroom and customize your specific product.

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Cleanroom compatible beam handling systems

With our modular system of beam handling components and systems, optical experiments can be set up easily, quickly and individually and carried out at different beam heights. Let's talk about adapting your beam handling systems to meet cleanroom requirements.

Selected examples

System rails S 40 LL

  • Adapted for cleanroom environments
  • System height 40mm
  • Suitable for metric and inch mounting grids

Slides RT 40

  • Adapted for cleanroom environments
  • With knurled or hexagon socket head cap screw
  • Adjustment remains stable during fixing
all beam handling systems

Cleanroom compatible optomechnical components

High-precision mounts and adjustment units for optical elements such as lenses, filters, mirrors and shutters. Let's talk about adapting your optomechnical components to meet cleanroom requirements.

Selected example

Transmitting mount TRANS 40

  • Adapted for cleanroom environments
  • With micrometers or fine-thread screws
  • 2 retainers with ø 25 mm / ø 25.4 mm (1")

Cleanroom compatible manual positioners

Precise motion sequences and a wide range of possible combinations of linear, rotary and swivel axes. Let's talk about adapting your manual positioners to meet cleanroom requirements.

Selected examples

Precision linear stage LT 80

  • Adapted for cleanroom environments
  • Travel range 75 - 300 mm
  • Fine-thread spindle + clamp

XY stage KT 65

  • Adapted for cleanroom environments
  • Travel range 6 mm on each axis
  • Aperture ø 32 mm

Rotary stage DT 100

  • Adapted for cleanroom environments
  • Retainer and aperture of ø 53 mm
  • Angular-contact ball bearings + clamping

Goniometer GO 150

  • Adapted for cleanroom environments
  • Apecial bearing system (± 10°)
  • Clamping at rotation knob
all manual positioners

Cleanroom compatible motorized positioners

Highly precise linear, rotary and swivel axes for high-accuracy alignment and handling tasks in research and industry. Let's talk about adapting your motorized positioners to meet cleanroom requirements.

Selected examples

Motorized measuring stage MTM 60

  • Adapted for cleanroom environments
  • Travel range 10 / 20 / 45 mm
  • Step motor + limit switches

Motorized high-precision linear stage LIMES 170

  • Adapted for cleanroom environments
  • Travel range 400 - 1500 mm
  • Step motor + limit switches, ball screw

Motorized high-precision elevator stage HUMES 150

  • Adapted for cleanroom environments
  • Travel range 30 mm
  • Step motor + limit switches

Motorized rotary measuring stage DMT 130N

  • Adapted for cleanroom environments
  • Aperture ø 56 mm
  • Angular contact ball bearings, worm gear
All motorized positioners

Customizing for applications in cleanrooms

Every cleanroom setup has its own challenges. We would be happy to support you with OWIS Engineering and work with you to find the right solution for your application.

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