Positioning systems for optical measuring instruments

Position with micrometer precision

OWIS Positioning Systems enable micrometer-precise positioning of samples or sensors. In the simplest case, a single positioning axis is sufficient. We will gladly implement the extension by requirement-specific degrees of freedom for you.


XY stage for reflected and transmitted light measurements

For reflected and transmitted light measurements, CROSS series XY stages are particularly suitable due to their large free aperture. Their compact design makes travel ranges between 50 and 190 mm possible even in restricted spaces - individually adapted to the respective application.

Sample positioning

Linear stages of the LTM series are the best basis to build systems for camera-based measurements, interferometry and microscopy. Available options such as a parallel motor, the bellows cover, travels up to 400 mm as well as the easy individualisation with additional axes make them a practical component for the system setup for sample and sensor positioning.

Sample positioning with elevator stage

The combination of two high-precision linear stages of the LIMES series and a HUMES elevator stage allows exact sample positioning in three axes. This system is designed for large loads and can also be used for mechanical testing such as in tactile profilometers or scratch testers.

Sensor positioning

An x-y-z system consisting of linear axes of the LTM series makes the three-dimensional positioning of measuring objects or sensors in space possible. We see areas of application for these system setups primarily in optical and tactile measurement processes.


In spectroscopic ellipsometry or reflectometry, exact angular adjustment can be performed using an x-y theta-phi positioning unit consisting of LTM linear stages and a MOGO goniometer. The system can easily be extended with further degrees of freedom by means of our rotary and elevator stages.

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In combination with our motor controller and a joystick, we offer a plug-and-play solution that can be operated directly as a stand-alone system or with our OWISoft, a software solution for simple and fast automation of positioning processes.

Would you like to integrate the control into your measuring software? No problem! This is possible with our extensive Software Development Kit (SDK) in many programming languages.

Wide range of possible combinations

With the OWIS Modular System we can combine a variety of linear, elevator and rotary stages. In this way, we meet the requirements of many measuring systems and certainly also your wishes.

If your application cannot be fully mapped out with the OWIS components, we achieve this through application-specific adaptations and OEM solutions.

Typical applications:

  • interferometer
  • camera based measurement
  • fluorescence microscopy
  • spectroscopy
  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

























Positioning systems, gantry solutions or multi-axis systems: Typical applications which we realize for you with OWIS Engineering. From application-specific design to on-time delivery. Which setup are you planning?

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