Dr. Patrick Rapp visits OWIS


Exchange of ideas on current energy policy

Staufen, 9/22/2022 / The State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Tourism was a guest at OWIS GmbH in Staufen.

During a very interesting exchange between State Secretary Dr. Patrick Rapp and the management of OWIS GmbH, Annette and Rüdiger Ruh, possibilities and models for an accelerated expansion of renewable energies were discussed.

Managing director Rüdiger Ruh explained from his point of view ways and possibilities in combination with remuneration models how the expansion of photovoltaics could be accelerated significantly.

Using the example of OWIS with heat recovery from process waste heat and a 175kWp photovoltaic system on the company buildings, the enormous potential could be very clearly demonstrated.

The proposals met with very great understanding and approval from Dr. Rapp. However, he was not yet able to predict how quickly the issues could be implemented politically.

Because of the currently very explosive situation on the electricity market, the detailed request came to Dr. Patrick Rapp and his colleagues in politics to devote themselves to the topic more intensively and with significantly greater priority than is currently the case.

Annette and Rüdiger Ruh would like to thank Dr. Rapp for his time and the very good exchange.

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