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It's sensational what can be realized in a very short time. When we were thinking about how to present our latest highlight from OWIS Engineering we didn't think we would be making a film about it in the middle of the night a week later.

The 4-axis gantry system is a high-precision positioning system for measuring surface structures of large components in the nanometer range using white light interferometry. It is characterized by impressive precision: a repeatability of less than 1.5 µm on a working space of 1,250 mm x 550 mm x 45 mm. This we achieve through maximum stiffness of the system and its components.

In the meantime, we have delivered the customer-specific positioning system to our client, the Gesellschaft für Bild- und Signalverarbeitung (GBS) mbH. Of course, this was only after we had tested and ensured its functionality and accuracy. After all, we want you to be sure that you can rely on systems powered by OWIS Engineering.

This is also the subject of our movie, which has now been completed and exceeds our expectations!

Convince yourself!

Something like this can only be realized when the right people come together. Many thanks for the great work to the OWIS team with Dr. Dominik Zimmermann, Fabian Giesin and Timm Stiegeler as well as to Maximilian Weber (Cinegrapher) and Andrea Wolf (frau.wolf MACHT KOMMUNIKATION) for their commitment!

Do you want to learn more about this application?

Find out more about the customer-specific design in the application report or contact Dr. Dominik Zimmermann directly. We are sure to find a suitable solution for your requirements!

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