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OWIS engages in the network Photonics BW e.V.

share knowledge and experience in photonics

Staufen, 10/25/2021 / Researching – networking – winning: It's not quite that trivial - but with our commitment we want to create the best conditions for it. Following our future-oriented strategy, we are increasingly contributing our knowledge and experience to the research of new technologies and solutions in photonics. We have created capacities and spaces for this at OWIS and want to share our results and findings in the network and enrich them with external impulses.

Photonics BW e.V. is the innovation network for optical technologies in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

exchange among experts

Photonics BW e.V., the innovation network for optical technologies in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, provides the ideal framework for it. "We expect a lot from the exchange among experts and want to actively participate in the projects," says Dr. Peter Hilgers, head of development, with pleasure. "After all, only together can we advance technologies and solutions in photonics and everyone benefits!"

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